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Artist Anne Grarup

In recent years, Anne Grarup has worked with graphics,                                                    especially woodcuts and etchings. She graduated from                                                                 Kolding Design School in 2009 and works in Silkeborg.
She is a member of various graphic workshops and has                                                    participated in several recognized exhibitions at danish and                                                 international art museums and galleries, and is a member of
BKF- Danish Visuel Artists and DGA- The association of Danish                                      Graphic Artists.
The starting point for the woodcut works is a study of nature
processes, the forming or destruction of material, the creation
and deconstruction of formations. Through infinite repetitions                                           and rhythm, fabricity and structure occur. The works symbolize                                          the volatile and the fragile, what occurs, changes and passes                                             away. The etchings are figurative and symbolically charged. The                                          motives come from within and the subject is related to existential                                    questions.

DGA- The association of Danish Graphic Artists
BKF- Danish Visuel Artists
ProKK, Professional Artists & Craftsmen
KKS, Women’s Society of Art
FGV, Funen Printmaking Studio

Selected exhibitions:

Grafiktriennal XVI
Nordic Contemporary Print Triennial 2020
Grafiske Sällskapet.
2020 Galleri Sander, Norrköping, SE
2020 Trelleborg Museum, SE
2020 Konsthallen Luleå, Kulturens Hus, SE
2019 Contemporary Art Center Mark Rothko, Latvia
2019 VÄST Gallery SE
2019 Dronninglund Art Center DK
2019 Danish Graphic Artists Gallery, KBH DK
2019 Gallery Spanien 19, Aarhus DK
2016-19 Gallery Grafikken, Difference member exhibitions, DK
2018 Frederikshavn Art museum, DK
2018 Art Center Silkeborg Bad, Museum of Contemporary art, DK
2018 Art Museum Kirsten Kjærs
2018 Vejle Art Society, DK
2017 Art and Design Center Holstebro DK
”Fear of missing out”, Curate exhibition with danisch and international artist.
2017 Townhall Aarhus, DK. Curate exhibition with international artist.
2011 Kunsthal Aarhus, contemporary art centre, KS 11, DK
2010 Gallery Nielsen, Kolding DK
2009 Trapholt- Museum of Modern Art And Design, Kolding DK

2003- 2009
MA/ BA Design School Kolding                                                                                                     Department of Visual Communicatio
Received a travelling grant.

Sales of artwork:
2009 Design school Kolding, Staff association small artworks.
2010 Design school Kolding, large artwork.

Art Collections:
Mark Rothko Center for contemporary Art, Graphic art collection
Frederikshavn Art Museum, EX-Libris collection.

Gudrun and Erik Kauffeldts Grant.
Appointed by the Design School Kolding then graduated Master Degree.

Håndværkrådets fond, Kolding.

Art center Silkeborg Bad, Center of contemporary art.
Design School Kolding
Difference gymnasiums (grammerschools) and art schools.

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